Sunday, July 18, 2004

China Warns U.S.

US shrugs off China warning, will continue selling weapons to Taiwan

China warned Tuesday that Beijing was "gravely concerned" over recent US moves on the Taiwan question, pointing out that the situation was "quite critical," particularly over arms sales.

The U.S. says:

"Well, I don't know why one needs to talk about recent US moves," US State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said when asked to comment on the statement.

Boucher said there had been no change in US policy regarding China and Taiwan and vowed defence sales to Taipei would continue as enshrined in US law.

"We continue the sale of appropriate defensive military equipment to Taiwan in accordance with the Taiwan Relations Act," he said.

Is China serious?

Some 500 short-range ballistic missiles in China are currently aimed at Taiwan and US experts say they could destroy key Taiwanese targets with minimal advanced warning.

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