Saturday, July 03, 2004

Isn't It Strange

That a church can participate in U.N. sessions as a permanent observer without vote? Without vote apparently by their own choice.

In a resolution, adopted without a vote, the assembly gave the Holy See the same rights and privileges as other observers, including the Palestinians.

"We asked to refine the procedure of our status in the General Assembly ... but we stay observers," he told The Associated Press. "We have no vote because this is our choice."

The resolution gives the Holy See the right to participate in General Assembly debates without asking permission from regional groups, the right of reply, and the right to have its documents issued and circulated.

Most of the countries in the United Nations, if not all, are not Christian or are secular in nature - denying God.

But all bow to the Vatican. And only the Vatican.

Oh, one more thing:

Migliore said the Vatican shares the same goals as the United Nations - including promoting human rights and protecting the dignity of all people.

Anti-American, anti-Israeli, anti-individual rights, pro-socialist utopia, all-powerful world government that will make it a crime to think contrary to what the government tells you, pro-dictator and I won't go on. Those who know, know, those who don't refuse to believe it.

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