Sunday, July 04, 2004

If You Hate America, Why Do You Live Here?

The Case For America Divorcing Its Haters

Why do they not renounce their citizenship, become citizens of France or Germany or Spain or Sweden, and live in nations that they believe are better than America? What do they insist on staying here, causing fights, cursing their countrymen, and creating misery and despair?

Leftists are to America what abusive wives, husbands and parents are to marriages: they are miserable, and they abuse those who live with them for all their miseries. They beat us. They insult us. They spew venom at us. They even help burglars, rapists and murderers who would try to break into our home and harm us.

Like some other bully in a family, who claims some pretext for her or for his violence and mistreatment of the rest of the family, these Leftists are the greatest and most flagrant criminals. They revel in their domestic abuse. They intimidate; they threaten; they curse; they accuse; they do everything except leave.

When one member of a family becomes so belligerent, so ungrateful, so angry, so disloyal and so unfaithful that she is no longer a real member of the family but simply a hostile stranger who uses the natural form of a home to exploit her family members, then the law allows this Potemkin relationship to be lawfully dissolved.

Are these indigenous America-haters entitled to more protection than that? When the planet is filled with people who would risk their lives for the opportunity to live in America, what right do the Sean Penn and Noam Chomsky types have to gobble up the blessings of citizenship? Why cannot the rest of us insist that they leave?

When mafioso used the privilege of living in America to hurt America, then they were deported. Why not say the sayable and think the unthinkable: Leftists, by and large, are not Americans. They are freeloaders whose rights are protected by young men whose blood is shed in the cause of liberty.

Perhaps they don't so much hate America as they love confusion and strife and causing problems. I've known people who just enjoy causing problems for other people - it's like their hobby. I don't stay around people like that very long.

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