Friday, July 16, 2004

War Against Freedom

I just put up a transcript of Ronald L. Dart talking about the War Against Freedom. It is available, at least for the time being, on his website, CEM Network, in audio format, however, most people won't bother and I believe what he has to say is so clearly laid out, timely and just right on the money, that it should be available to read as well, to as large an audience as possible. Let freedom ring.

It seems to be our destiny to fight for freedom. Our country was born in a fight for freedom. And again, since our birth as a nation, we have gone to war, again and again, to save and restore freedom to oppressed peoples. And it may have been the destiny of an American president to stand next to the Berlin wall and make perhaps the most remembered demand of his presidency, “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall.” That wall, that gray slash across the city of Berlin, was an affront to freedom that no free man could tolerate for long.

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