Friday, May 16, 2003

Chiller Theater

You can see the six fingered hand from the opening of Chiller Theater (from WPIX, NY) over at A Small Victory. Unfortunately it doesn't work on my Mac (something about the compression), I'll check it out on the Windows machine when I get home. I used to love watching that at my Grandparents house in Kearny, NJ. I searched the net for another copy but couldn't find any. I did find the older Chiller Theater opening they used before the six fingered hand and you can find that here.

I found some interesting things while searching. These came from the Dr. San Guinary Weblab. Dr. San Guinary was a host of Creature Feature in Omaha, NE, I believe, I'm really not familiar with the show.

This is a short audio clip of the Dr. saying Roll that movie. (.au)

The following videos need QuickTime.

Here is a video blooper of the Dr. introducing "The Attack of the 50 ft. Woman." It was a little too "adult" for air in those days. Funny.

This one is the Dr. with Jerry Lewis at his telethon. Very funny.

There's more where that came from, if you like those go check out the website.

They Got It Wrong Again

The Wednesday night news said the eclipse would start at around 11:15 and continue past midnight. So when I got out of my car here at work at 10:50, imagine my surprise to see only a quarter moon. They were only off by about an hour.


I was walking with James the other morning and noticed a very beautiful flower on the side of the road. I wanted to take a picture but didn't have the camera, so I decided to come back later in the afternoon to get the picture. Later, when I went back all the flowers were closed up. I guess it gets too hot for them too. I had to wait till the next morning to get the pictures and I believe it was worth the wait. What do you think?

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