Thursday, May 22, 2003

Ultrex Nonstick Cookware Really Stands Up

Yesterday I left my frypan on the stove after cooking and forgot to turn it off. Smoke filled the house and I thought the pot was ruined. It already had a slight accumulation of black around the edges and now almost the entire bottom was covered with burnt crust. Since it's nonstick I figured if it doesn't come off with the sponge it's a gonner. What the hell, I used a brillo pad on it and it took off the burnt coating but the Ultrex coating was unharmed, almost as good as new. I couldn't believe it, nonstick pans don't stand up to brillo pads. Way to go Ultrex! I guess that demonstration they do with the drill sander is true. I got them from HSN. I would definitely buy them again.


Tomorrow Irma is going to have an operation. I have to get her to the hospital by 6am. I have to stay with her all day and now she is saying it may be all night as well. I hate hospitals. Her mother will be watching the kids. I'm bored just thinking about it, I hope they let you use a computer in there. She's gonna be home from work for a month afterward. No doubt she'll be wanting breakfast in bed every day, she's so spoiled.

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