Friday, May 30, 2003

Irma Update

Irma has been staying with her Mother while she recovers. She had to got to the doctor Thursday morning so I had to go get her after work. I thought to take her van so I got in it Wednesday night and put my wallet in the dash pocket but noticed there wasn't much gas and I didn't want to stop that night so I decided to take my car instead. I left work at 7 am and got up there around 7:35 am. That's when I noticed I didn't have my wallet with me. Grrrr. James was happy to see me and immediately stated his intentions of going to the pool. No James, not now. I-4 was almost a parking lot going back to Kissimmee but we got to the doctor early (9:45) and believe it or not she went right in to see him. I started to read a magazine but fell asleep and dropped it, scaring another patient. Oh well. She came out soon after, it was a really fast appointment, and we went home and I made her some coffee and went to bed. The good news is, she is doing great. Her Mother came and picked her up in the evening, so I have to go back tomorrow to pick her up again. I'm getting some sleep first! She'll stay home Friday night since I'm not working.

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