Thursday, September 18, 2003

Dems Seething

They are at the point of insanity. Every day a new low.

What Makes The Bush Haters So Mad?

Did It Rain?

Tuesday I finished the installation of my water softener and it worked great. That night I went to get in my car and the driveway was wet, like it had been raining, but only part of the driveway. Then I noticed it was coming from the garage. Great! I went in the garage and water was everywhere, it was coming from the water softener. I closed the valves to bypass the softener and went to work so I wouldn't be late, wondering what could possibly be wrong. When I got home I looked at it and it turned out to be a cracked connector at the inlet. I guess I tightened it a bit too much. I replaced the connector and it is working great now.

We Need To Raise Taxes

So House and Senate members can get their raise.

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