Wednesday, September 10, 2003

I'm Frustrated

Did you ever write a long post and have your browser crash before you saved it? It wasn't Bloggers fault (I don't think) but when I look in the browser history all the pages I visited are there except Blogger. What's that about?

Handy Man

Tuesday I installed a new laundry room door. The old one was a normal door that swung into the room and took up the whole room. The new one is a folding door and it opens out. Wow, the difference is amazing! There is room to actually move around in there and fold clothes. Now we need to decide whether to paint it or stain it.

I also installed new blinds in the living room. Finally got rid of the old mini-blinds. The new one is light oak and really makes a huge difference in the feel of the room. Now if only the kids will leave it alone and not break it.

And a new toilet seat for the main bathroom. Irma got one that has shells molded into it. It does look alot nicer.


I put up a couple of new auctions. I use Turbo Lister and on the second auction it wouldn't let me upload it because eBay couldn't recognize the links for the pictures. I checked and rechecked, tried this and that - no luck. Finally I just copied the main html and deleted the auction and started over. It worked. Thank you to whoever invented the copy/paste commands.

I'm happy with the sales so far on eBay. I have alot more to list but it's slow going. James likes to help too much and if he's not helping, if
I stay too long on the computer, he wants me to get off and play with him. Irma had me take pictures of some jewelry she wants to sell but she didn't give me the information I need to write a description.

I have some rare magazines I've been thinking of selling. Thinking because they are worth something to me and I don't want them to sell too cheap. The magazine is called Gmund (it's about Porsche automobiles) and it was published in the late 70's and early 80's by the same company that publishes Cavallino. They've been in storage all this time. Maybe I'll put a reserve on them. But should I sell them all together or seperately? Decisions, decisions.

AAA To The Rescue

Auto club goes on trial over slaying of motorist. It took them hours to get there after they were called.

I have had the same experience with them (the taking a long time, not the slaying) and they are just about worthless to me. Who wants to sit for hours waiting for a tow truck, especially in the Florida heat. And many times your broken down in the middle of nowhere.

AAA needs to learn from Domino's: 30 minutes or less.

U.S. Male

This guy mailed himself from New York to Texas. The only problem was the idiot got out of the crate before the delivery man left. How many have stayed hidden and gotten away with it?

Feds probe how man shipped self as air cargo.


This is a good commentary by Erik Rush: We're Still Slaves

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