Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Diane Alden Talks Education

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"America is becoming a nation of idle participants in the destruction of our own country and civilization."

Tech Support

I had to come back to work Monday at 10am for training on the new reservation system. I brought James because I have no one else to watch him. He had fun, meeting new people and exploring the hotel. We waited around until 11 and no trainer showed up. Then we discovered there was no one coming - it was supposed to be training over the phone. I was the lucky one who had to talk to them. The guy was completely unhelpful and was unable to answer my questions. He ended up having to transfer me to tech support to answer them. The last time I talked to tech support I called to get the password to get into the system and ended up teaching him that you could set up different passwords for each clerk - not a good sign. This time I spoke to a woman who was pretty smart but didn't know the system. She was just looking for answers the same way I was doing on my own and we ended up coming to the conclusion that the information I needed changed had to be done at headquarters and couldn't be done at the hotel. At least she could tell me how to get that done.

By this time James was wanting to go wandering around and exploring on his own - he was getting restless. It was time to go. Irma called and I let him talk to her for a while. I saw him opening the swinging door on the garbage and looking like he was gonna put the phone in there - he didn't. When I spoke to Irma she told me he was telling her he was gonna throw her in the garbage. I don't know why. We went home after a quick stop at the post office, changed his clothes, picked up Joshua from school, came home and took a much needed (by both of us) nap.

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