Tuesday, September 16, 2003

A Turn For The Worst

Don't ask why but I believe national and international events are on the verge of growing far worse. I don't mean the Arabs will have another Day of RageTM or Hillary Clinton will win the next Presidency (what could be worse?). Something large and unexpected is looming on the horizon. (Europe, Jerusalem, world economy)

Perhaps not so surprising, I believe the Catholic Church is not far from a new Pope and a new start.

Japan's Jitters

Japan is worried about North Korea. Will Japan go Nuclear? Would you feel safer with a cell phone to call 911 or a gun? They just may not have any choice but to arm themselves.

More Handyman Stuff

Monday, between everything else I had to do, I installed the water softener. I had a leak in a threaded fitting and had to take that section apart again and I have to stop at Home Depot on the way home to pick up a couple of more parts. Today it will be up and working. It really isn't hard to do but it's so hot in the garage and I have to watch James and make sure he keeps out of trouble. Alot of interuptions.

We got a new reservations computer at work and I was volunteered to set it up. No problem, it's done, but I don't know the codes to connect with central reservations. That will have to wait.

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