Monday, September 08, 2003

There Will Be No Retreat

David Horowitz has a great commentary out today: How To Look At The War On Terror

The enemy understands the war we are in. It knows that it is fighting for its life in Iraq. In sabotaging the peace in Iraq, its aim is to intimidate America and force our retreat. In his Memorial Day speech, the President addressed this threat: “Retreat in the face of terror would only invite further and bolder attacks. There will be no retreat.”

I shudder to think what will happen if President Bush is voted out of office next election. I believe it just may spell the end of the United States of America as we know it.

I know the liberals believe they are on a higher plane of understanding, that their minds are expanded and open to truth, knowledge, love, peace and oneness. They are the Vulcans to the conservative Klingons. The problem with their thinking is it's very easy to think yourself into corners and crevices that have no basis in reality, but they become your reality. The more people get together around an idea the more real it becomes to them. They are perfectly willing to walk right into (and take the country with them) a pride of lions and wonder at their beauty, completely denying the danger. After all, we'll mean them no harm. See, we're not armed.

Change the subject

James started to get a fever Friday afternoon. This kid rarely gets sick so it surprised me. I gave him extra Seasilver and some children's Tylenol. He was still playing with Joshua but they both were in his bed. He didn't get worse and was only slightly less active than normal all evening. Still, you could tell he was sick. We went to bed and around 11:30pm or so he woke up and was obviously feeling bad. He cried and moaned. He wanted more Seasilver (he likes it) so I gave him that and didn't want more medicine, but he got it anyway. We gave him children's Advil - it lasts for 8 hours. He fell asleep again and slept throught the night. The next morning he felt alot better but not quite normal. I gave him his vitamins again. Irma called the doctor and she said give him some Triaminic (for congestion). He was really looking much better but we got the medicine and gave him some. That was pretty much it. He's been completely normal since. Irma wants to take him to the doctor Monday (today) just to be sure, but he's fine.

It's a terrible feeling when your kid is sick.

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