Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Mosque Wall Collapse on the Temple Mount

"( The southern wall of the Islamic Museum on the Temple Mount has collapsed -- the result of pouring too much concrete on the roof of the structure years ago, leading to the collapse due to the excess weight."

Plan to Bomb Temple Mount Uncovered

Report: Jewish "underground" planned to bomb Temple Mount mosques

One way or another, those mosques on the Temple Mount will be coming down. Don't be surprised to see it happen soon.

European Super-Region

European super-region plan touted

"Proposals are being put forward for the creation of a European super-region which could radically reshape the face of the Union."

The current European Union will not last but a more powerful super union will arise from the ashes.

The Pope is Sick Again

Pope cancels weekly audience

"The 83-year-old pontiff is reported to be suffering from intestinal problems."

"Although he has been in ill health for some time, his appearance in Slovakia indicated a marked deterioration in his state, correspondents said.

The Pope underwent an operation in 1992 to remove a large tumour from his intestine, which proved to be benign.

He suffered more intestinal problems in 1995 and a year later was operated on for appendicitis. "

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