Wednesday, September 24, 2003

How Much More Can We Take?

Socialized medicine in U.S. is inevitable!

"On the one hand, we have an onrushing public front which overwhelmingly believes Americans are entitled to medical care – that medical care is a basic right that they should neither have to pay for nor be denied. We also have an extremely dangerous political front made up of thousands of politicians and bureaucrats who are collectively approaching a level-5 (as measured on the FDR scale) state of terminal drooling over the possibility of having the entire population of this nation by their medicinal short hairs."

News Flash

"Sad to say, many of the current Democratic presidential candidates lack intellectual integrity".

Another One

Arabic-language translator charged with aiding enemy

"A U.S. airman who served as an Arabic-language translator for terror-related prisoners at Guantanamo Bay has been charged with espionage and aiding the enemy.

The charges could carry the death penalty, Fox News reported."

But What Did It Do?

Tonight I got a call from the Sheriff's office asking if I had a map showing the location of the phone booths on property.

Me: "No, we only have one and it's right here next to the lobby."

Caller: "Can you see it from the lobby?"

Me:"Well, no, not at night." (There's a tint on that window, during the day you can't see in but at night you can't see out.)

Caller: "OK, we're gonna send a patrol car around. Thank you."

They never did, as far as I know. I wish they had because now I won't find out why they were asking.

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