Saturday, October 11, 2003

2nd Day FOT - Panama City Beach

Today there was a Shriners parade down Front Beach Rd - the main drag. It was in the morning as we were about to leave for services so we had to wait until it went by. The kids loved it, they had a lot of little go-carts that were sliding all over and some other funny cars. It was slightly raining - a heavy mist. We weren't late though.

At services there was a young girl with dark hair and she was wearing a nice long, black leather jacket. I was carrying James and we went by her as she was sitting with her friend - James blurts out "Hey, there's cat woman!" I was a little embarrassed but it was so funny and I'm not really sure if she got what he was talking about. Later we walked by her again and he tried to tell her he was Robin. I just kept walking.

James met another little friend named Lizzie and all he wanted to do was play with her. We were at the second services for the day when he finally fell asleep. She came over to see him after it was over and tried to wake him but he was out. I was surprised he didn't wake up, she was really trying. After she left he woke up and was mad because he didn't get to see her. You snooze, you lose.

That's it, I'm gonna transfer some pictures and go to bed.

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