Friday, October 31, 2003

Muslims have the right to draw the blood of Americans, civilian or military, everywhere in the world

That's a quote that is in this article: Al-Qaeda planning US 'death blow'

"Muslims have the right to draw the blood of Americans, civilian or military, everywhere in the world," Ablaj said.

While President Bush has Muslim leaders in the White House, praising their religion - not a word is heard from those same leaders or anyone, let alone a huge outcry, against those claiming Muslims have a right to draw American blood. It seems as though American Muslims are the ONLY peaceful Muslims in the world, yet they are eerily silent when it comes to condemning the terrorists or at least their stated goal (downfall of the west). Even the Muslims I know, while very friendly and nice, are silent and secret when it comes to their religion. No one is allowed to enter the mosque unless they are a member. And I've never seen a hint of outrage from any of them. Just silence.

When I'm walking down the street and some complete stranger comes up to me, all friendly and talkative, my first instinct is that the guy wants something from me or is up to no good - and I'm always right about it. Money, a ride, or trying to sell something, or worse.

As far as some Muslims I know, I get the feeling that while they don't have any bad intentions themselves, maybe they know of someone who does. Not details, but when you are in a group for a while you get to know what's up. I'm only thinking out loud here but I can see what is going on in the Muslim world outside the borders of the U.S. and it is not good. You can not say that Islam is a religion of peace anywhere else in the world and get away with it (unless you're talking to liberals). Outside the U.S. the Muslim religion is the Religion of Peace the way China is the "People's Republic" and North Korea is the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea," and Satan is an Angel of Light. The reality is the opposite of the title.

It's just a feeling but... It's getting worse.

If I were Muslim I could not in good conscience remain one. I would seperate myself from that name as far as I could. I know what it's like to be a Christian and yet not agree with the doctrines of 99% of the Christian world. But if "Christianity" suddenly started blowing up little kids, I wouldn't even use the same name. If they want to use a name for evil, as I see it, I would be happy to use another name - after all my beliefs are different anyway. What's in a name? God would know what I mean, he understands all languages. No - something is wrong here.

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