Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Uploading Pictures Is Fun

I'm not having alot of luck uploading pictures to Ofoto with the Mac. I've tried over and over and it just takes so long or gets cut off. I've never had this problem uploading from my Windows machine. I'll have to transfer the pictures to my other computer to upload them so for the few of you waiting it will be another day before I can get them up.

Democrats Abandon America

Neal Boortz has something to say about what the Democrats have been doing.

"Democrats to our founding fathers

You knew it couldn't last. Once we convinced the people of America that this was a democracy in which the majority ruled, the rest was easy. Your flawed creation lasted 25 years past its life expectancy. Now it's our turn to realize our vision. Appeasement is the road to one-world government ... a road down which we have now turned."

They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

More proof our judges have no wisdom.

What if Terri Schiavo were a dog?

Very sad.

Those Silly Saudis

With friends like the Saudis . . .

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