Wednesday, October 22, 2003

New Civil War

Dennis Prager believes we are in the midst of another civil war. I believe he's right.

The second American civil war: what it's about: Part I

The second American civil war: What it's about: Part II

Am I Ofoto Cursed?

I tried to upload photos from my Windows computer and it kept saying "server error." I've never had a problem before. I even tried reinstalling the software - no help. I have close to 50 photos to put up and I was able to get 25 loaded by uploading directly from Ofoto but the second batch failed just like it had been doing on the Mac. I'll try again tomorrow.

Test Your Reflexes

The Reflex Tester. My fastest before I got tired of it was 0.327 seconds.

Vegging Out

Terry Schiavo is at the center of another deep division among the American people. I was not aware that her condition was brought on by heart failure, I thought she had an accident. When I still lived in New Jersey I had a friend whose parents were killed in a car accident and his little sister was brain damaged in much the same way Terry is. I went with him to visit her and it was a very sad situation. He was determined to do what he could for her. It was obvious there was someone in there somewhere but how can you tell how much awareness there is, if any. She could move a little but I think she was worse than Terri. I'm sorry to say I lost touch with Steve and I don't know what has happened since.

That was still his sister and he spent alot of time there to be with her and talk to her. Could she hear and understand? We didn't know. I know there are herpatologists who have been bitten by certain venomous snakes who have had very bizarre experiences because of the effect on their central nervous system. They were completely unable to move, in some instances their bodies were seemingly shut down, no respiration, and they were considered dead by doctors yet they were completely aware of everything going on around them and could hear and understand as doctors pronounced them dead. In one case I remember the nurse became aware of the man still being alive because she noticed a tear in his eye. Is it possible that Terry is similarly aware but unable to communicate it? I don't know and I doubt even the Doctors really know for sure, regardless of what they say.

At any rate, you're still dealing with a human being and not a vegetable. They would put you in jail if you starved your dog or cat. I just think it's pretty cold to starve her to death. They treat mass murderers with more respect. Timothy McVeigh got better treatment. Even the Al Quada members we've caught are better treated.

This situation is a big mess now and I don't know how it will play out but there are alot of bitter feelings about this on both sides. A little civil war.

The Plan to Destroy Israel

Malaysian PM´s Speech Also Outlines Plan To Destroy Israel

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