Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Youthful Stupidity?

What a great idea, pop a viagra in the school cafeteria at lunchtime - no one will ever know.

Not Global Warming

Extreme Weather Events NOT linked to Global Warming - even if you don't care, it's worth checking out just to see the picture of Hurricane Isabel as seen from the deck of a freighter (figure 6). Awesome.

At Least He Doesn't Agree With Jesse Jackson

Sharpton Calls Dean's Agenda 'Anti-Black'

"Howard Dean's opposition to affirmative action, his current support for the death penalty and historic support of the NRA's [National Rifle Association's] agenda amounts to an anti-black agenda that will not sell in communities of color in this country," Sharpton said in a statement.

None of these has anything to do with being anti-black. Why the NRA? Because an armed citizen might fight back and give the death penalty to someone who thinks the world owes him? If you murder someone you should get the death penalty - hell, if you tried but didn't quite accomplish the task you should get the death penalty. If you use a gun to commit a crime you should get the death penalty. That has nothing to do with race. If you lie under oath to convict an innocent man you should also get the death penalty. It'll never happen, but I can dream.

Speaking of Jesse Jackson Jr. (the son): "Any so-called African American leader that would endorse Dean despite his anti-black record is mortgaging the future of our struggle for civil rights and social justice," Sharpton said.

His statement cited a 1995 interview in which Dean appeared to question the need for affirmative action programs based solely on race. "I think we ought to look at affirmative action programs based not on race but on class," Dean said on CNN's "Late Edition."

Yeah, we need more ways to divide this country - it's not dead yet.

Who let these people out of the asylum?

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