Thursday, October 23, 2003

It Is a Zionist Plot

"During September 2003, mass hysteria spread through Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, which was ultimately quelled by police intervention and statements made by the health minister. The panic was caused by rumors of foreigners roaming the city and shaking men's hands, making their penises disappear."

Oh Really.

"While the majority of accounts involved handshaking, another victim, who refused to give his name, said that while he was at the market, a man approached him, gave him a comb, and asked him to comb his hair. When he did so, within seconds, he said, he felt a strange sensation and discovered that he had lost his penis."

"Focusing on the report of the Sudanese man who lost his penis after contact with a comb, Abbas wrote: "No doubt, this comb was a laser-controlled surgical robot that penetrates the skull [and passes] to the lower body and emasculates a man!!"

Of Course, What else could it be? Abbas is just way too smart for those Jews. Who do they think they're dealing with anyway?

"In conclusion Abbas wrote: "That man, who, as it is claimed, is from West Africa, is an imperialist Zionist agent that was sent to prevent our people from procreating and multiplying…"

Watch out you penis-stealing Jews, the Sudanese are on to you!

Charities in the U.S. are sending shipments of tin-foil hats and jock-straps to protect the Sudanese.

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