Friday, October 10, 2003

Not An Attack

It's amazing how often what's originally reported bears no resemblence to the truth.

Siegfried: Tiger wanted to help Roy

The tiger was trying to protect him

It sounds very logical to me. If a tiger wanted to kill a man it would only take a fraction of a second once your neck was in it's jaws.

Pound for pound, man is the absolute weakest animal on the planet by a large margin. If not for our minds we could hardly survive, we just aren't naturally equipped to dominate this world, we only do so through the power of our creativity. It's really pretty amazing how different we are, regardless of genetic similarities.


Now that's a diamond.


I'm getting a bit more comfortable at work now. I will be leaving the doors locked all night from now on though. It will piss off some guests but that's life in this day and age. You would be surprised how traumatic it is to experience a robbery like that even though on an intellectual level you fully understand it's over, everything is OK, and everyone who comes to the door is not here to hurt you.

Here's nearest I can describe it ... I'm afraid of heights. I know I shouldn't be, but even in situations when I know I am perfectly safe my body reacts to the fear. I have forced myself to try to overcome it, I've been to the top of the World Trade Center but I couldn't make it up the Statue of Liberty. I visited a lighthouse here in Florida when my father visited me. I was going up there come hell or high water. Even though I knew there was no danger as I started up I slowly started to become paralyzed with fear. All the while fully realizing I was OK. When I got to the top I could hardly walk. I forced myself to go outside and walk around the lighthouse, to enjoy the view, but I could hardly get away from the inside wall. It's so ridiculous to feel that way because it's a large flat deck and there is no danger, even if I fell it would be like falling on the ground outside - I know that, and I know that I know that, but somehow it is not communicated to my body.

The difference is it's not fear as much as anger, at least on the surface. I'm not afraid to be here but I really don't want it to happen again. I'm not gonna let it happen again.

And I just broke my own rule for two elderly couples who had a reservation for a late check in.


I leave for Panama City Beach in the morning when I get off work for the Feast of Tabernacles. I'll be bringing the computer so I'll continue to update throughout the week. I'll be taking Joshua and James but Irma will stay home. She's taking her vacation next month to go to Puerto Rico with the kids. I know that sounds weird but it's alright. It's just the way it has to be this year. I'm glad to be getting away from work for a little while. I need to relax.

Naked James

I mowed the lawn Thursday and let James play outside while I did. He loves being outside. He climbed on my car for a while, dug a hole and tried to get the horses to come play with him. He met one of our neighbors dogs when she was walking it. It's a schnauzer like Max was and his name is shorty. After a little while I lost sight of him so I started looking in the usual places and found him naked, playing with the garden hose. He's done that before but it wasn't nearly as hot today (80's) as it was when he did it before. I was just about done so it was time for him to go in at that point. He wanted juice. He changed his favorite juice from Orange, strawberry, banana to Pineapple, orange, banana. It tastes good.

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