Friday, October 31, 2003

Broken Windows

Since I got back from vacation I have been unable to update some of my 3rd party (non-Microsoft) programs. They would not connect to the internet. I have since traced the problem to the firewall program included in Windows XP. I have had it enabled for a long time, it must have been a critical update that changed the ability of my programs to access the internet (I'm guessing). So if you are having the same problem just disable the Windows firewall. I use ZoneAlarm anyway so I don't need the Windows firewall. I don't see any way to change settings on the firewall either, although there may be.

James Got A Hundred Dollars

The kids each got a card form their Grandmother with a five dollar bill in them. Thanks Mom. James saw it and yelled out "a hundred dollars!" Then he took it down the hall (all the doors were closed except his bedroom) and I went in the kitchen to do something. He came in about 20 seconds later and I asked him where the money was. He says, "I don't know." What do you mean you don't know, you just had it in you hand? What did you do with it? "I don't know."

That was yesterday and it still hasn't turned up and he claims no knowledge of it's whereabouts. Where could it be? I've looked everywhere.

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