Friday, April 09, 2004

Don't Push Them Too Far

Tokyo Has Few Options for Iraq Hostages

Japan will not turn tail and run away. The Japanese are peace loving and they are in Iraq in a humanitarian capacity, but that in no way is a sign of weakness. The Japanese are a tough and formidable opponent. Ask any G.I. who served in the Pacific during WWII. Ask Koreans and Chinese who have had the experience of being at war with them. If the Islamists push Japan to the point of waging war (not likely, but who knows) they will quickly realize they have made a grave error. I'm not saying America can't pummel these animals into oblivion, in fact, we could do it faster and better than the Japanese if we put our minds to it, but in a war we are too nice. We treat those animals with far more respect than they deserve. We hold back. We take prisoners and treat them well. They aren't afraid of us and they count on our kindness to enable them to kill more of us. That would not happen if Japan were at war with them. They would be very, very afraid.

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