Saturday, April 10, 2004

Running Away

But to where do we run, exactly? We learned, or should have learned, on September 11 that we are not safe from the uncivilized world in our own homeland. Given the opportunity they can strike in ways that not only kill innocents, but can devastate our economy and our very way of life. Clearly heading for hills is not an option.

Senator Zell Miller of Georgia said it best. In the battle we now face, there are warriors and there are wimps. In recent days, we have seen the rise of the wimps. Support for the war in Iraq and for President Bush have seriously eroded as a result of the violence in Iraq being committed by those who want us to pick up and run with our tail between our legs.

The enemies of civilization believe that if you kill enough of us, and if you do it on the three 24-hour all news channels who will show the footage hundreds of times, you can get us to get out of town and leave them to do their evil acts and plan for more September 11 attacks.

They believe that we will not die for the freedoms we believe in so the killing and terror continues. That is why they blew up a couple of hundred people in Madrid and wound up moving a government out of power as their reward. Is there any doubt they would go to any lengths to change our government that under President Bush’s leadership has launched the most deadly war against terrorists in America’s history?

Running From Terror

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