Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The Enemy Within

Hillary to Arab paper: Bush endangers Mideast

U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton, speaking to London-based Arab-language daily Asharq al-Awsat, gives aid and comfort to the enemy.

The former first lady, whose remarks were published throughout the Middle East and Muslim world, said the "stubborn and arrogant" Bush administration has refused to admit mistakes which are endangering the lives of Iraqis and American soldiers and threatening stability in the region.

Clinton told the paper, according to AFP, the U.S. is in trouble because it can't abandon Iraq but is unable to provide the necessary manpower to run the country because of its inability to garner international support.

This was broadcast all over the Arab world. Do you see anything wrong with this? Where is the outrage against this behavior?

The United States of America cannot continue to exist with the divisions it has today. The entire population should rise in outrage against this and she should be embarrased out of office. United we stand, Divided we fall is not just a cute saying. It happens to be a truthful expression. I don't know how long this country has but I will be surprised if in ten years the United States still exists as a country. We are not willing to seriously defend ourselves against a self-proclaimed enemy, being more worried about what they think about us than whether they can kill us. The population is split evenly, polarized around two completely incompatable philosophies. The middle ground is nowhere to be found even after an enemy attack on our own shores. This enemy needs to be put down but the full weight of the power of the United States , needed to defeat this enemy, cannot be used.

What people like Hillary Clinton fail to understand, (or perhaps they understand fully, which is even more digraceful) is that the world wants to see the United States fall. They don't want a strong U.S., they don't want us to be able to defend ourselves. They don't want us to live as well as we do and they want to have control over us, over every part of our lives. They want this because they want to be what we are. But we worked hard (at least our forefathers did) and built this country from nothing. We paid for it with our own sweat and blood. Now we have a generation who doesn't understand that, and the world, like a carjacker, wants to take it away from us. But they will never be able to appreciate what we have and could never duplicate it in a million years. Do we just let them have it?

What a shame.


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