Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Once They're Here, What Do you Do?

Governor endorses illegal-alien driving bill

Saying rigorous screening standards would ensure recipients ''won't be terrorists,'' Gov. Jeb Bush on Monday strongly endorsed issuing state driver's licenses to both illegal immigrants and foreign nationals who make Florida home for part of the year.

I just don't understand the thinking of those who want to give ILLEGAL immigrants a driver's license. They say it will make the roads safer because they won't be driving without a license, but those who wouldn't pass the rigorous screening would not bother to try and would still drive illegally anyway.

''Our roads and streets will be safer because of this,'' Garcia said, adding that the sprawling nature of most Florida cities makes owning a car a necessity, and that the state, by not giving ILLEGAL immigrants licenses, ``almost tells these folks to break the law, because that's the only way they're going to be doing anything.''
Emphasis mine.

Not giving ILLEGAL immigrants a license causes them to break the law? You mean it causes them to break another law while they are already breaking the one that says they are not allowed to even be here.

''We shouldn't allow them to come into our country to begin with,'' Bush said. ``But once they're here, what do you do? Do you say that they're lepers to society? That they don't exist? It seems that a policy that ignores them is a policy of denial.''

Once they're here, what do you do? We have been ingoring them, that's why there are so many. If they are here ILLEGALLY, you send them back. If there is a reason not to send them back, you make them LEGAL. Then, they can get a driver's license LEGALLY. You still have to better protect the borders because if it's easy to gain entry ILLEGALLY then those who can't be here LEGALLY, like terrorists and other criminals will still come in and stay under the radar, like they can do now.

It is unfortunate that we have to have border protection to keep some people out of the country but that is the reality of the world we live in and we are not going to change that. We can change our laws to make it easier for more to come in if we feel it is the right thing to do but keeping ILLEGAL immigrants ILLEGAL yet giving them a driver's license is not the way to go. Instead of a driver's license, why not just screen them and make them legal. Give them a year to get legal or however long, but after that time anyone who has not gone through the process should be immediately deported and we should forever remain vigilant to keep ILLEGAL immigrants out.

Those who want the ILLEGAL immigrants to stay in the country have created an underclass of people who can never have all the rights of an American, can't properly earn a living and can't have the same standard of living as you and I. And, they want to keep them that way! In other words, what they want are slaves without actually calling them such.

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