Thursday, April 22, 2004

Tumbling Walls

Pieces of Stone From the Western Wall of the Temple Mount Loosen and Break Off

Over the past three years since Tisha B'Av 2001 we have witnessed the godly phenomenon that the walls surrounding the Temple Mount have started to move, to form bulges, and to crack, even having part of them collapse. Now the time of the Western Wall has come. How can it be that people, including Israelis, are too blind to understand that this is not merely an accident but a clear message from the G-d of Israel to the people of Israel as well as to the enemies of the G-d and people of Israel? In the almost 2,000 years since 70 CE, when the Temple was destroyed by the Romans and the walls around the Temple Mount survived, such a phenomenon has never occurred to the walls of the Temple Mount as we are seeing today. We are living in G-d's time of the redemption of the people and land of Israel and the Temple Mount. In the bottom of my heart, soul, and spirit I can hear the call of G-d to His people, Israel, to be a part of this exciting endtime when prophecy is fulfilled daily in Israel and now on the Temple Mount, the holy hill of G-d.

There is alot of passion, emotion and deeply held beliefs surrounding the Temple Mount. Jerusalem will be the centerpiece and source of major trouble that will take this world down.

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