Thursday, April 15, 2004

Opening the Door a Crack

Polish Firebrand Praises Hitler's 'Early' Policies

"At the beginning of his activities, Hitler had a really good program," Lepper told the Zycie Warszawy newspaper. "I don't know what happened to him later...who had such influence over him that he moved toward genocide."

Oh, I don't know, maybe ... Satan!

Haider also once praised Hitler's "enviable" record in job creation.

Some Polish commentators have drawn parallels between Hitler's tactics on his way to power and Lepper's.

Like Hitler, who scorned Germany's feeble Weimar Republic, Lepper uses fiery rhetoric to attack the mainstream parties and the shortcomings of Poland's young democracy.

He opposes Poland's EU membership, wants more state intervention in the economy and advocates strong presidential powers such as those enjoyed by Russia's Vladimir Putin.

His popularity is fueled by promises to slash the country's high unemployment, running at about 20 percent, by launching wide-scale public works.

Hitler launched huge infrastructure projects including building Germany's autobahn network and the armaments industry after he seized power in 1933.

Didn't John "socialist" Kerry say he would create more jobs?

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