Saturday, October 25, 2008

Americans Being Set Up Like Bowling Pins

Barack O-holy-bama, I have been saved!

Since Christianity is now passé in this country (at least according to the Old Media), it stands to reason that people need a new and exciting gospel to fill the void. And why not use the handsomest and most charismatic of presidential candidates to proclaim the new faith? Why not idolize his every word, bring federal charges against his critics and refuse to examine his past? In the absence of religious belief in this country, something will rush in to fill the void – and Obama's supporters have done just that.

The easy thing about changing my allegiance from Jesus to Obama is that I don't have to "do" anything more. I don't have to treat people decently (the government will do it for me). I don't have to act charitably (the government will do it for me). I don't have to love my neighbor (ditto). All I have to do is accept that my freedoms will be curtailed and my money will be spread around and – bam! – I get free housing and medical care and a deity for president. What a deal.

This is getting creepy, folks.

It's a sham. Americans are being deceived by the truckloads by empty promises and delusions of grandeur.

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