Thursday, October 09, 2008

Blind, Hard-Hearted Leaders

News Flash: The Media Back Obama

She would go on to raise the theme so central to the Obama campaign, and held, as revealed truth, by the politically progressive everywhere -- that the U.S., fallen low in the eyes of the world, is now in dire need of moral salvation. Everywhere she went in America, Ms. Amanpour declared, she found "desperate Americans" -- desperate, that is, about the low esteem in which the country was held, desperate to have a president who would lift America up.

The U.S. is in need of moral salvation - I can agree with that, and not the U.S. alone - but that it can come from the left, or any political party is a joke and a half. The morally bankrupt leading the morally bankrupt. Yeah, and the same people who brought our financial sector to it's knees are going to lead us to financial salvation by propping up the same policies and regulations that got us into the mess.

When the blind lead the blind they both fall into the ditch. Never has that saying been so relevant.

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