Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Answer is Yes

Is Obama a socialist?

Obama is a socialist - say it out loud. Why try to hide it? Is he ashamed of it? He should be, but probably isn't. He's afraid it may lose him some votes to come out and say it. His supporters seem to like it, though.

Students and young adults no longer know why capitalism is better than socialism. Like Obama, young people really believe that when government redistributes wealth, "it's good for everybody." They do not realize that wealth redistribution is no substitute for wealth creation. They are never taught that the only way to create wealth is for an individual to combine his energy and intellect with resources to produce a product that improves his life, or for which someone else is willing to pay.

Private property, the accumulation of personal prosperity and individual achievement are anathema to socialism. Socialism sees the individual as nothing more than a cog in a government-run machine designed to ensure equity for all.

Capitalism seeks prosperity; socialism seeks equity. Freedom increases as prosperity increases. In a socialist system, there can be neither.

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