Friday, October 24, 2008

The Wind Beneath His Wings

Ayers' group foresaw genocide of capitalists

Do you actually believe history doesn't repeat itself? Do you believe that these Marxist/socialists who have been planning the takeover, and actually taking over our schools, media, courts and government for decades and are now on the verge of gaining full control of our government would not resort to something like this? It has happened in the USSR, Cuba, Vietnam, Korea, China, etc, etc, etc. Every time a free society has been toppled.

Obama has habitually surrounded himself with and learned from some pretty bad people over the years and he may not actually understand how bad. He seems to have an idea, he has distanced himself from them. He may just be a dupe, I don't know. But there are people on the left who have some awfully bad plans for this country, who want to "change" this country, and they don't mean a little change here and a little change there. They mean a complete overhaul, a total change in direction. That means all men are not created equal and they are not endowed by their Creator any unalienable rights - no right to life, no right to liberty, and no right to pursue any happiness unless it's approved by the government. Whether Obama intends this or not, that is the spirit behind him, that is the wind pushing him.

Regarding comments made by Senator Biden

What's disturbing about Biden's remarks is that he seems to anticipate a domestic crisis of sorts as well--that Obama's response to the crisis will be unpoular among the public, or some segment of it, and that his backers will simply have to have faith. But Biden gives us no clue as to what he thinks Obama will do that will prompt a backlash--or which segment of the public he expects to lash back. To hear Biden tell it, a vote for Obama is a vote for God-and-Joe-Biden-only-know-what. -James Taranto

I don't like the whole government in the hands of one party. Obama plus a super majority in congress plus a sympathetic court system equals trouble on the horizon. Watch your wallet, 401k, religious rights, free speech rights, guns, home, property, talk radio, blogs - anything that doesn't fit in their ideal society - they got their eyes on it, they are salivating right now.

Oh, by the way, these radical leftists are dead serious about their plans, they are in no way wishy-washy, they have a long term goal and they are working it for all it's worth. War is not always a head-on clash of might, this is a war of wills, of ideas but the stakes are as high as any other and it could very easily become a bloodbath. It's already happened too many times in history - recent history.

Cross the Rubicon now and fight with your vote, your words, your mind while it is still possible.

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