Friday, October 17, 2008

Are We on Borrowed Time, too?

Like we're living on borrowed money.

The saddest thing about this election is that for those who want to preserve the fundamentals that made America great the choice is either dumb or dumber. Neither man is the right choice. We have strayed far from the right path.

Obama wants to change those fundamentals to a Marxist ideology (I don't care if he denies it, that's plainly what he wants to do - and he'll have Congress - Pelosi - and the Senate - Reid - behind him) and McCain is willing to compromise those fundamentals for convenience.

We have not taught our children what made this country great. We have abandoned the fundamental understanding that our constitutionally declared rights and our liberty come from God and not government, nor any man. In fact, we are at the point that anyone who will stand up and say that our rights are God-given is immediately side-lined and ridiculed, and there is the undoing of this great country.

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