Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spread the Wealth! Shhh!

Obama says he is not a socialist. But why? What's wrong with being a socialist? Canada is a socialist country and they are fine, upstanding people. There is nothing evil about Canadians - except for that one guy on the bus. Europe is socialist and we like them. We like to visit them and we're happy to have them come visit us here. We trade with socialist nations and we mostly get along very well. Many Americans would like America to become more socialist, I don't think that's any secret. Why does Obama hide his socialist views and plans behind rhetoric and double speak? Why not say it loud and proud? If you believe it, why be ashamed of it? Why all the cover up by the media?

I would respect Obama if he came out and said he was a socailist. I'd know where he stands. Is that too much to ask? Why does he feel he has to deceive the American people to get elected? If he feels he has to deceive us about this, what else is he deceiving us about?

I think socialists should be offended that Obama is ashamed to be a socialist. They know he's a socialist. It's obvious to anyone who's paying attention. Obama is like Clay Aiken before he come out.

Change ... to socialism. Hope ... for socialism. That's Obama.

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