Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wealth Redistribution

This Robin Hood mentality is such a short-sighted idea. It sounds so good if you're struggling, who wouldn't want someone to give them money? But what's the incentive for the guy who works his butt off 12 to 14 hours a day running his business to keep working so hard when the government just keeps taking it away? There is none. A lot of them will stop doing it, they will close up shop, layoff their workers, not put new trucks on the road. Bigger corporations will move out of the country and take their jobs with them.

Those on the receiving end of the wealth distribution will have no incentive to improve themselves. You see that happening now with welfare. You have to keep your income under a certain amount, you work under the table, you shack up and lie about it so the other income is not counted, you do whatever you have to do to not lose your benefits.

This is so short-sighted people. You are shooting yourself and your neighbor in the foot voting for this. It's the same as when the bison was hunted into near oblivion or when fisheries are over-fished and the fish stocks decimated. The money was good while it lasted but suddenly it was all gone - and no chance of getting it back.

Barack Obama: Political ideas for the non-thinking.

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