Friday, October 10, 2008

A Night at the Pumps

I stopped to get gas last night, around 10:30pm. A couple of cars left as I pulled in, the place was empty. I pulled up to a pump on the west side of the station and I was the only one there. I just start pumping and a car pulls up behind me. There are three empty pumps he could have pulled up to, not to mention the other side. I hate being crowded, and when there is absolutely no reason for it ... well, he just sat there, so I ignored him, as long as he didn't get out of his car.

Then some middle aged lady walks through the pump lanes, stands for a few seconds, then walks straight over to me. "How much is gas?" - "What? $3.27" - "Is that middle one?" - "Huh, the middle one? No, that's regular." - "Oh, that's so cheap ... blah, blah, blah." Then she walks off. What the...? She didn't even have a car, I have no clue where she came from or where she went.

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