Friday, December 05, 2003

Another Shining Example of the Love and Peace of Islamic Rule

Iran forces quell massive uprising

Soldiers approached the 10-year-old, Haroun Balochzahi, and grabbed his bike from him, insisting on a bribe. The boy did not speak Farsi, the majority language, and responded by biting a soldier and running. The youth was shelled with bullets in front of people on the streets and died on the spot, Meerdora said, prompting an immediate reaction.

How dare a 10-year-old disrespect an Iranian soldier. Of course he should have been riddled with bullets right where he stood.

In an unusual display of resistance to the hard-line, cleric-led regime, a crowd set a military jeep on fire and began beating the soldiers, Meerdora said.

The director of the hospital has been warned by the government to not take in any wounded protesters, and some Balochs have been shot in front of the hospital, according to Meerdora's sources.

He said security forces went to the hospital and killed people in their rooms.

About 300 people have been jailed, and uncooperative prisoners have had their tongues cut out, he said.

What's with those people questioning the authority of god? Those soldiers work for the muslim clerics, who work for god. They deserve what they got. Those uncooperative prisoners are lucky they only got their tongues cut out.

That reminds me of something. Oh, yeah, the liberals who are actively trying to keep any conservative opinion from being expressed. The ones who have taken over our educational system. The liberal clerics. No, they haven't gone quite that far yet. They would if they could get away with it.

Some People Shouldn't Be Police Officers

A man was given a ticket because a balloon he had accidentaly popped while walking in Queens.

"I couldn't believe it," Pulido, 29, of Queens Village, said last night. "It was just a normal-size party balloon and it was an accident. You'd make more noise closing the door of a police car."

"Three cops were at the curb in a car and one of them called me over and said he was giving me a ticket," Pulido said.

He said he asked the cop, "Are you serious? You're gonna give me a ticket for balloon popping?"

"The cop gave me a hard look and asked me, 'Do you think popping a balloon is funny?'" Pulido recalled. "At that point I just said just give me the ticket...whatever."

Save the balloons!

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