Sunday, December 28, 2003

Replaced The Fuel Pump

I replaced the fuel pump myself, it wasn't as bad as the manual said it would be. In fact, the manual was off the mark by quite a bit. The gas tank came out pretty easily once I got all the gas out of it. I tried to siphon the gas but the hose would only go in so far and nothing I did could make it go any further. I even tried thinner hose. I unplugged the fuel filter but the gas wouldn't come out on it's own. When I turned the ignition switch to "on" the pump comes on for 2 seconds so I took out the fuel pump relay and jumped the connectors to keep the pump on constantly and pumped the gas out into a can. It was painstakingly slow because the pump was bad - it took 10 minutes to fill a 2 gallon can - but it worked. If not for that I don't know what I would have done. Once the pump was replaced the car started right up. I'm glad I didn't take it to a shop.

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