Monday, December 15, 2003

Embarrassing Moments

Friday I took James with me to look at some meeting rooms. We went to about 5 hotels before we got to the Red Horse Inn. We had to wait a little while and James started getting restless. He loved the place, they have saddles to sit on and it's a horse themed hotel. Finally, we met a guy who took us to see the rooms and while I was talking to him James blurts out "Are you a girl or a boy?" I just looked at him in stunned silence for a second. He looked every bit like a man and I still can't imagine why James said that. I said something like he looks like a man, he doesn't look like a girl, why would you ask that. I don't know what that was all about.

The front desk girl tried to give James a plastic sheriff badge. I thought, "how cool, he will love it." He said, "No thank you." But James, you can be a sheriff, a policeman, put it on your shirt. "No." OK, whatever, I took the badge because I thought he might change his mind. It's still sitting here, he hasn't so much as touched it. Smart kid, with all the politically correct crap going a round I wouldn't want to be a policeman either.

And I almost forgot. As we were leaving James ran back over to the staircase and started climbing up the outside of the railing like a little monkey and he was too fast for me to catch him (I did not expect him to do that!). I guess he saw it when we were exploring and he wanted to climb it before we left. I almost had a heart attack the way he was hanging up there but he was all smiles. I went to the second floor and grabbed him - I don't think he'll be doing that again.

While in the area I took him to Bass Pro Shops. That, he loved. They have a huge fish tank and he spent alot of time there, and they have alot of preserved animals all over the place and he enjoyed that as well. He wanted to touch them all. He got to pet alot of animals including bear, deer, bobcats, turkeys, and even a tiger. We went into the archery section and the salesman told me I needed to get him an archery starter set and pointed out a nice, small compound bow and arrow set. It was nice but I was thinking that James isn't even 4 yet and I don't think he's quite ready for a set like that. Maybe a toy set. Then he asked, "How old is he, six?" I told him his age and he was surprised and said James was big. I don't know about that, maybe a little, but I wouldn't think he was six. We watched him shoot some arrows at a target and James wanted to do that but I didn't let him.

We went over to the shooting gallery and I let James shoot at some targets with a gun (not a real one). I showed him how to do it and he did OK but I had to guide the gun to the target. There is a red laser light that shoots out when you pull the trigger so I just guided the gun until the light was over the target while he pulled the trigger over and over. He wanted to do it again. We had to go.

On the way home I thought to take him to McDonalds for a treat but he was not interested. Burger King? No. Wendy's? No. He wanted chinese! We didn't have time because we had to pick up Joshua so I suggested a pizza and he liked that.

Congratulations on Capturing Saddam Hussein

Great news on Sunday morning. A little anticlimactic, but we needed this. Good work! Just keep plugging and never give up.

BTW, Earth to Canada, Shut up! Precious little wisdom coming from Canada lately. U.S. too, I might add, but President Bush is at least on the right track.

Saddam really needs no trial, it's just a formality. Just a last show of evidence that he doesn't deserve to live any longer. The trial need only be conducted by the Iraqis. They can handle it, they know what to do. What's his defense, insanity? It wasn't me, it was my evil twin brother! Give me a break! We should make him President of Canada! Just kidding. I actually have Canadian friends, they're not so bad, that country just needs to get over its socialism.

Going Global

I liked this quote (well, I like the whole thing) from this commentary by Mark Armstrong. Because it's so true and most people (it seems) really don't get it yet.

President George W. Bush seems to believe in the tenents upon which the USA was founded. He promotes American sovereignty and has shown a willingness to act in the face of hostility from the United Nations, the big European powers and most of the world, save Britain. It is worth recognizing, however, that there is a social and political movement afoot here in these United States that is committed to abolishing our sovereignty. Much of the mainstream media, and nearly all of the entertainment industry have embraced this ideology, and they have some very powerful political champions maneuvering feverishly to overthrow the current administration in Washington.

The stakes may be higher than anyone imagines. This is way beyond “Republicans and Democrats.”

On a related note, America's future: A nation of renters by Henry Lamb. Read and heed.

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