Wednesday, December 17, 2003


I was just sitting here minding my own business (more people should do that), suddenly, a loud crash. It sounded like an accident in the parking lot. I was hoping my car was not involved. I looked out and it was some guy trying to drive a Ryder box truck under our overhang. Not too bright. There was some minor damage to the overhang but his truck looked like someone took a can opener to it. The whole corner of the box was torn back.

It Won't Happen

Powell tells Palestinians ceasefire would seal statehood, Israel prepares to give up all Gaza, much of West Bank.

The "Palestinians" don't want statehood and they don't want peace. They want Israel completely eliminated. Period. If it doesn't help them achieve that goal they won't do it. They may take statehood but there will be no ceasefire and they will only use statehood as an opportunity to further arm themselves to destroy Israel. Their whole reason for being revolves around destroying Israel. They gladly sacrifice their own children to that cause.

First Amendment All But Dead

Free speech dead in America

Time for a new revolution.

Diane Alden has some thoughts on our National Suicide.

1. Reforming the judicial oligarchy even if it requires a constitutional amendment. We will lose this nation and what is left of the Bill of Rights and Constitution if we don't.

2. End immigration, legal and illegal – now – before it kills us. Both political parties and their operatives in the power corridor are doing us in through immigration, legal and illegal. From the corrupt visa system to illegal immigration, we get no help from conservatives or libertarians. Certainly none from think tanks like Cato and Heritage. They absolutely resist a halt or call for time out regarding legal and illegal immigration.

3. There is no possibility of reforming public education. It is too late for that. It is suicidal to allow any more generations of American children to lose their birthright, their historical roots, traditions, identity, and their right to a decent, solid, substantive education. Like the judicial system, education is beyond reform.

There's alot more, she's dedicated.

It is remarkable that so many adopt the suicidal tendencies of our various elite. It is time to press a new elite into service. Time for the grassroots in the states to reject the old elite and replace it. Time for the states to reclaim their power under the 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution.

Speaking to the wind.

Be Aware Of

Dangerous Russia

You Go Girl Guy

Iraqi Minister Scolds U.N. for Inaction Regarding Hussein

Secretary General Kofi Annan says "now is not the time to point fingers". You can only point fingers at the United States.

If the United Nations is the worlds last great hope, we're doomed. Say goodnight, Gracie.

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