Wednesday, December 03, 2003

A Couple of Pictures from Puerto Rico

This is a picture of Joshua and James with their Grandfather and his horse.

And this is James getting ready for his ride.


Dennis Prager wrote this commentary on wisdom and the lack of it. So true too.

He also wrote this open letter to the American soldier in Iraq. This is a must read.

Another Must Read

This one about our academic institutions. Only Conservatives Can Save Academic Freedom by Tammy Bruce.

The World Vs. Israel

World out to 'get Israel' over security fence

Unbelievable. Israel tries to defend itself without violence and the UN freaks out. Israel, apparently, is only allowed to disappear off the face of the Earth in the UN's opinion. They must take whatever the Arabs dish out without reaction and under no circumstance can they actually defend themselves, that wouldn't be fair.

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