Thursday, December 18, 2003

It's 43 Degrees

I just went for a walk outside and remembered once again why I don't live up north. I wouldn't mind really, and I love the mountains but 43 is not really even cold and I can't stand it. I think I'm cold-blooded. My body seems to have no ability to regulate it's tempurature - hot or cold. Give me temperatures in the 70's year 'round. Please.

Something Completely Different

If you're on dial up it will take a while to download but it's pretty funny: Three Men in a Bathroom.

Bald Eagles

A couple (maybe a family) of Bald Eagles were hanging around the house for a little while today. James and I were outside when we heard their familiar cry. Loud and piercing. They perched in a tree next door. There were a couple of other smaller birds flying around them. They were definitely birds of prey but they didn't have white heads and since I've never seen them before and they were hanging around the large eagles I think they were juveniles. I scrambled to find batteries for my camera but when I walked closer to get a picture they flew off.

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