Tuesday, December 09, 2003

It Doesn't Matter

Get Rush – That’s the Game

Liberals want to topple Rush. They want to shut him up. They want to silence all of conservative talk radio. They want Fox News off the air. If you are conservative you are not welcome to speak at our nations universities. No conservative clubs on campus either, you're not welcome. Don't dare show up at a demonstration (counter-demonstration) to show your conservative viewpoint, they'll do everything they can to silence you there too. They want your guns. They want your children in government schools. If you work, they want your money. They want to tell how to think, what to do, what to like, and what to hate. They only want you to listen to them. If you need something, go to them. Something wrong? They're listening, they feel your pain. There are no rules, no boundaries. Unless they make them of course, but that's for your own good. They know what's best for you. Relax, leave the driving to them. Life should be easy, have fun ... no responsibilities. Just do what they say and everything will be cool. Cradle to grave.

Liberals may find it unbelievable but Rush doesn't give marching orders to conservatives. Conservatives are individuals who have thrown off the bonds of liberalism. Conservatives value freedom. Conservatives take responsibility for their own lives. They deal with their pain and enjoy their successes. They don't want to control your life and they sure don't want you to control theirs. Rush has nothing to do with any of this. Conservatives wouldn't suddenly come under the liberal spell if Rush was off the air. Once you've escaped the chains, you're not going back.

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