Thursday, December 18, 2003


Every day I read yet another commentary or news story on Arab humiliation. And somehow, it is always the fault of the western world. We, apparently, are the cause of their humiliation.

Quoting from The Humiliation Aspect:

But it all represents wall to wall HUMILIATION for the Arab world. Their media (the most visible being Al Jazeera Network) has long cast President Bush and the United States as being "at war with Islam" despite the administration's many attempts to appease them. The Iraqi people may be dancing in the streets with relief , but much of the Arab world is reeling with shame. They will not suffer it kindly. Even though Saddam's neighbors feared him, the Arab world has reveled in the fact that the Iraq war has not been a clean victory for the U.S.

And from A Tigris Chronicle:

The very same Arabs who had averted their gaze from the despot's mass graves were now quick to take offense that he had been exposed to public humiliation. This is the quintessential "shame culture," and we had snatched from that crowd a cherished legend.

The thing that strikes me and the reason I'm writing this is: Who's fault is it, really, that they are humiliated? Isn't it their very own actions, albeit uncovered, that is causing the humiliation? They scurry about like cockroaches in the darkness of their own culture and religion, feeding on hatred and violence, reaping what they sow. When pest control finally shows up and shines a light on their actions - they scream humiliation. Well, excuse me! If you want to live that way don't be surprised when someone eventually comes around and calls you on it. Maybe "shame culture" fits so well for a reason, maybe you should take a good, hard look at what that culture is producing (or NOT producing) and take this opportunity to CHANGE it.

And while we're at it, it wouldn't hurt every other country to do the same, including the United States. The world seems to be stuck in a vortex of backsliding values. The problem with the western world is we have NO shame anymore. That is not good either.

A Religious War

Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) Director Pat Robertson said Wednesday the world is convulsed in a religious struggle in which the central issue is whether Islam's Allah or the LORD God of the Jews and Christians is supreme. - CBN chief: It's a religious war

Take a look at the living conditions of the various countries around the world, which ones appear to be blessed beyond measure compared to the others? Which ones are miserable failures? None are perfect, but the differences are vast.

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