Wednesday, December 03, 2003

What a Shocker!

Church doesn't think like Jesus: Survey shows only 9% of Christians have biblical worldview.

They had to do a survey to figure that out?

Your Tax Dollars at Work

D.C. to install free-condom machines : 'They're going to be as common as water fountains'

You can lead a horse to water...

Of course, they make great balloons.

Polygamy - Coming Soon

Polygamy a new legal right?

This is gonna be great! Let's see. If I had 2 wives and they each had 2 husbands, who each had 2 wives and they each had 2 husbands and ... Everyone in the country could be related by marriage! Wonderful! Peace on Earth!

What would your child call your wife's husband? And the other? Wives could, of course, have multiple wives. We could have a mommy and daddy numbering system. No, we'll have to make up some new words. And that doesn't even count if one of them marries a dog or horse. What would you call them?

Our judges are so smart! They'll figure it all out for us.


The predators of Planned Parenthood

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