Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Change We Can Believe In

You think so? Most of the Presidential candidates are touting "change" as the centerpiece of their campaign, but do you know what kind of changes they have in mind? Have you really thought it through? Is any change good - just for the sake of change? I'm just checking, because you've really got to be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

Hugo Chavez brought change to Venezuela. Do you think that was positive change? Is it good for the people of Venezuela, who are standing in line for milk, eggs and other basic needs like they used to do in the USSR, or is it just good for Hugo Chavez and a few of his trusted compadres?

Hitler brought change to Germany - that wasn't good for anybody.

American presidents don't have the kind of sweeping power necessary to bring change on that scale, but they can do some damage. I've heard it from Hillary's mouth that she wants to take oil company profits. Where do those profits come from? They come from you and me, that's where. If they tax the oil company profits away, well, that's just a fancy way of taxing you and me and making it seem like they are punishing the evil rich for our sakes. What a joke!

Where does Obama want to take the country? Do you know, or are you just mezmerized by the way he says "change." Again, what kind of change do you think he will bring? Do you think he can turn Washington inside out, like I've heard him say? What does that mean anyway? You think Washington is going to change the way it does business because Obama said so? Not gonna happen! Whatever happened to the 1994 Republican contract with America? Oh yeah, that worked. Nice try though.

I'm not saying you shouldn't hope for better, you should, just know what you're basing your hopes on. Don't be like the person I heard today, who, while looking at Hillary and Obama on the cover of the USA Today newspaper said, "I want the Chinese guy to win." True story.

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