Wednesday, January 09, 2008

This Can't Be Good

New Orlando Police Chief Disbanding Undercover Units

After two years of record crime in Orlando, Eyewitness News learned Tuesday that the new police chief is disbanding two high-profile crime-fighting units.

Orlando police officials say a new chief is in town and changes are now being made to reduce violent crimes and to make neighborhoods safe. For the past two years, the undercover drug unit and undercover vice squad were making drug busts and arresting prostitutes, but the numbers were not high enough.

Now the chief is disbanding the two units. Ten officers, two sergeants and a lieutenant will be moving to patrol units and there will be no undercover units. The police department's drug enforcement captain said, if OPD needs help with undercover units, they can call other agencies for help.

I know this is a larger problem than the police can solve - they can arrest these guys all day long but if they keep letting them out of jail, what's the point? - but getting rid of the undercover units doesn't sound like a good move.

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