Thursday, January 17, 2008

Speaking of Health Care

What's up with this?

Hit on the head and gets rectal exam?

Brian Persaud ended up in handcuffs and under arrest when he loudly protested that doctors at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell didn't need to give him a rectal exam after a piece of wood clocked him on the forehead.

"This poor guy goes in for eight stitches and he ends up in jail," said his lawyer, Gerard Marrone. "He had the right to say no."

Doctors sedated Persaud and then did the rectal exam.

Sounds like rape to me. What's with the forced medical care anyway? He went for a slight head injury, he didn't need a rectal exam for that! James got a couple of stitches in his head once and they didn't give him a rectal exam. I never heard of it happening to anyone else. You get stitches and that's it, good luck to ya, get them taken out in a week or so. Bye.

Maybe he didn't have insurance?

I think some of these doctors are perverts or a least sadists. Some of them are, doctors are just like anyone else. You don't lose those tendencies just because you went to medical school, or maybe you went to medical school just for that reason. I'd say the percentage is approximately the same as the general populace. They're only human after all.

I hope this guy gets a big payday out of it.

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