Saturday, January 12, 2008

There's No Excuse

Sheriff defends capture of boy by SWAT team

The Colorado sheriff who dispatched a SWAT team to break into a family's home, hold them at gunpoint and take custody of an 11-year-old boy for a medical exam sought by Social Services is defending the actions, saying the boy's father told officers to "bring an army" if they returned.

The whole thing was handled wrong right from the start, beginning with the paramedics showing no respect to the father. It started wrong, it ended wrong and it was handled wrong through the whole ordeal. You don't know how to treat people with respect.

I've had a personal experience with paramedics like this. One night at work an ambulance and firetruck pulled into the parking lot with the lights on. A guy got out and started looking around, like he didn't know where to go. He saw me unlock the door and walk out to see if I could direct him in the right direction - just trying to be helpful. I asked where he needed to go and he said it was none of my business and get out of the way. I felt so insulted by that, my first thought was, don't even come back up here asking where the room is. Well, maybe a little more salted than that. And I would have helped because I'm not gonna let someone die because the paramedic is an ass. I've seen firemen and police officers with that same attitude, certainly not all, just enough to make you wonder what it is about those professions that attract people like that. They like the power over people.

"when men lose the power to love, they substitute power over."

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