Friday, September 24, 2004

Believing the Big Lie

The Presbyterian Church USA and the Episcopal Church, USA are siding with the Palestinians and Arabs over Israel and divesting from the the Jewish state.

The strategy of pressuring the Jewish state by divestment – a tactic last used against South Africa to bring about an end to apartheid – is advocated by Palestinians and Arabs worldwide, Dinsmore told the wire service.

There is a petition in protest of the action.

The petition says the church's resolution is "anti-Semitic because NO OTHER nation is being singled for divestment, not even those whose violations of human rights are truly egregious."

"Only the moral blindness of Jew-hatred could lead the church to compare Israel’s multi-racial democracy to apartheid South Africa," the petition says. "Only anti-Semitism could lead the church to condemn democratic Israel, while not voting divestment from Saudi Arabia, where women have virtually no rights and non-Muslims are not even permitted to enter the country without special permission, from Sudan, where race-based genocide is occurring even as we speak, from Iran, where Bahai are murdered for their faith, or from the many other countries where human rights are violated as a matter of routine." The petition concludes: "We condemn the Presbyterian divestment resolution as an act of hatred against Israel and the Jewish people and call for its immediate revocation."

Amazing. It's truly amazing to witness events unfolding so similar to those that took place before World War II. Even more, most people don't even recognize it, don't even care, and play right into it. The Israelites treat Arabs living in Israel and not trying to blow them and their children up better than any other Muslim or Arab state treat their own citizens. There is something to the comparison of Jews to the canary in the coal mine. All hell will be breaking loose in the not too distant future. I don't know when, but it's coming. It doesn't have to happen, the warning signs are there and they are obvious but it seems the world just doesn't want to bother to read them.

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